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Security starts at the foundation – Layer0


To support of a free and connected society, we have responsibility to prepare organizations to defend their infrastructure and data against cyber-attacks and accidental losses.


The cyber-war is real and anyone on the internet can be a casualty. Reliable information security and availability is achievable through a disciplined approach to risk identification, management, and testing.


Audit Foundry software can help your team identify risks, prepare for information security audits, and demonstrate improvement in your organization’s security posture; or we can manage your security program for you.

Experience matters. From hardening classified military systems, auditing the networks of major telecommunications providers, or designing security controls at international border crossings; our team brings the best in the industry to your organization. Layer0 is vendor, partner, and solution agnostic, we will only recommend what is in your best interests. Our consultants hold numerous industry certifications including those recognized by the NSA and DOD. Our team has years of experience protecting the networks of governments, defence contractors, Fortune 500 companies and more.